In Need of Fancy Dog Beds

July 27, 2015

I've always been trying to do what's best for my dogs, three cesky terriers, but lately I feel like they might be getting a bit spoiled. Previously they have been able to play with any toy given to them and be satisfied. A few weeks back, me and my wife went on a vacation, and were not able to bring the dogs. So we let a friend of ours watch them while we were away. Our friend has been a dog-owner herself in the past and she volunteered, so we thought it would be a great idea. Little did we know then about those fancy dog beds. Me and my wife spent two weeks in the sun, then when we returned home, everything seemed normal at first. We picked up our dogs (who were all extatic to see us again). After driving back to our house and unpacking, it was time to feed them. All three of our dogs have been crazy about food, and usually finishes their meals in about 10 seconds. Now they just looked at the food and it took several minutes for them to start eating.

cesky terrier

We thought "maybe they just need to relax first after the long drive". But this behaviour has continued. And eating habits isn't the only thing that's changed. They each have their own dog bed to sleep in, where they used to spend the whole night and took naps during the day. But now they have started walking around during the night and change places, sometimes trying to get up on our bed as well. So we called our friend up and asked about how our dogs had behaved while we were away. It didn't take long for us to find out that she had some stuff left over from her dogs, like luxury dog beds and other accessories. She had also fed them the same food that she had cooked for herself. No wonder they got picky after that.

Apparently, our dogs had enough time to get used to those fancy dog beds, and doesn't sleep as well as they used to. So I guess our next step is to get some luxury dog beds of our own to keep our pets satisfied. The ones we already own are nothing special, but they are still comfortable in my opinion. Luckily, I've already found a good place to start looking for fancy dog beds. Right now, this feels like the only option I can think of that would solve the problem. From searching the web, so far I haven't been able to find any other solution. It's been some time since I visited a pet store, because we've felt that our dogs already had everything they needed for now. But I believe this is the one where we got our current pet beds from.

mans best friend

I'll keep trying for a little while longer to manage the standards and expectations of our dogs, but if I don't see any change soon, something has to be done. It is surprising to me how fast their habits can change. But this should also mean that they can be re-trained to how it was before, I just need to figure out how.